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    New Vision Concepts is proud to present EZReader - an all-in-one touch screen computer, document camera and custom software suite designed specifically for users with vision impairments. EZReader provides low vision users with 75+ customized applications to give users unprecedented access to computer capabilities that were once out of reach for users with vision impairments!

Low vision users struggle to use basic Windows capabilities and struggle even more to use applications which were not written to accomodate the visual limitations of low vision users. In both of these areas, EZReader addresses the needs of low vision users by providing software with the following key design criteria:

  • Minimal computer skills
  • Minimum visual complexity
  • Unlimited Text Size
  • High contrast colors
  • Easy-to-use touch screen navigation

The result is that users with vision impairments can more easily use computers and can regain access to capabilities that allow them to keep in touch with friends, family or coworkers.

EZReader online help is split into two sections:

A brief overview of EZTaskBar and EZLauncher are provided below, along with some background and contact information on EZReader.

 EZReader OverView - EZTaskBar

The primary interface to EZReader consists of a taskbar located along the bottom of the desktop, just above the Windows taskbar. There are two versions of the taskbar - one that is used to access the 75+ EZReader custom low vision applications and a second that is a magnified version of the Windows taskbar. The two taskbars are referred to as the EZTaskBar and the EZWinBar.

The EZWinBar displays the same icons that the user pins to the Windows taskbar, whereas the EZTaskBar provides custom icons to access the EZReader suite of 75+ custom applications. The user can control which icons/applications are shown on the EZTaskBar.

From either taskbar, the user clicks on an icon to run the indicated application. When the mouse hovers over an icon, a large font popup tip is shown as a reminder of which application the icon represents. Most taskbar applications are full-screen applications and may not be resized.

Both taskbars offers icon sizes up to 192x192 pixels - over 2" in size, making them very easy to see. They also provide easy-to-use single click operation. The icons' colors and size can be changed to fit the user's visual preference.

The EZTaskBar icons are shown in high-contrast colors pairs. The user can change the colors to match their low vision limitations or color preferences.

See EZTaskBar Help for additional details.

 EZReader - EZLauncher

Clicking on an EZTaskBar icon typically opens an application window for performing a particular set of tasks. The exception is the EZLauncher icon, which opens up a new window that can launch any of 40 different EZReader core applications. The look of the EZLauncher window can be configured in several ways, as shown in these left two images.

The left image displays EZLauncher with just a toolbar available, from which applications can be opened. EZLauncher can display any of 8 different rows of icons, for a total of 40 different applications that can be launched.

In the right image, EZLauncher presents an array of 40 icons in the center of the window. Each icon opens a different application, corresponding to the row of icons that can be displayed on the toolbar.

Each of the 40 application have their own main screen, but all use a common look and feel, as is shown in this next image which shows the Book Reader application.

The image provides a great example of how EZReader applications look - visual simplicity, large fonts and high contrast colors.

Users typically display EZLaunch applications full screen, but the applications may be resized by the user.

See EZLauncher Help for additional details.

 How it started!

   As my 95-year-old mother-in-law's macular degeneration progressed, she was no longer able to read even the largest text in her Kindle tablet. After her doctors advised her that her condition could not be improved further with medical treatments, I came up with the idea of the EZReader.

With the large viewing size of EZReader, its large fonts and images, and its extremely easy-to-use touch navigation she was able to read books again. The same solution is now available, with expanded capabilities, to others with visual impairments.

Gary Beene
Inventor of the EZReader System


EZReader is available for viewing at the following locations.