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Download: EZFreeBookReader v1.3(8MB)


EZFreeBookReader is a free book reader application for low vision users. It allows users to read from a library of 6 free books. It can also read the books out loud. Once you've used EZFreeBookReader, you'll know if the full EZReader suite of software is right for you!

EZFreeBookReader provides the same features that are available in the EZReader Suite of 75+ Applications, which includes a book reader, file editor, email client, calendar, games, and more!

A touch-screen, mouse and keyboard can all be used to operate this Windows application.

EZFreeBookReader's only limitation is that it does not allow the user to add books. In particular, these 6 books are provided:

The EZReader book reader application allows users to view an unlimited number of books. Books from Kindle may be imported into EZReader.

EZReader home page

 EZFreeBookReader Main Screen

There are 3 rows of icons available for operating EZFreeBookReader:

 EZFreeBookReader Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts are provided by EZFreeBookReader. Right click on the Exit button to toggle dislay of the book or the list of shortcuts

Thank you for considering EZReader!