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The User Colors application allows the user to specify a custom pair of colors for displaying foreground and background content of all EZReader applications.

EZReader provides 3 fixed pairs of colors - yellow/blue, white/black, and black/white. A fourth, customizable pair of colors, white/blue, may be changed by the user with the User Colors application.

Left click on a color to use it for foreground content (text). Right click on a color to use it as the background color. The top panel of the User Color application will change to reflect the chosen colors.

Before leaving the application, changes MUST be saved by clicking on the Save icon. If Save is not pressed, changes will be lost. Changes are not saved automatically to ensure that users do not accidentally change settings.

The maximum contrast ratio possible between two colors is 21. The contrast ratio for the current user-defined colors is displayed in the top panel. Although high contrast colors are important to most users with low vision issues, some users prefer lower contrast ratios, such as the commonly used yellow/blue color pair.

 User Colors Main Screen

The toolbar icons perform the following functions:

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