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The following information is provided by New Vision Concepts to assist folks with low vision problems in finding resources and information to help them deal with the issues they face. We are based out of Dallas, Tx, so you may find some of this information is specific to Texas. But we do plan to add state-specific information as it becomes available.

Please be aware that New Vision Concepts is not a medical practice. The information provided below is our best understanding of the information that we have seen. In cases where medical decisions are involved, please talk with your personal eye professionals.

Table of Contents

 Eye Diseases
 State and Federal Organizations  
 Non-Profit Organizations
 Low Vision Specialists
 Retina Centers
 Assistive Technology Overview
 Leading Assistive Technologies
 Additional Assistive Technologies
     Leading Assistive Technology Manufacturers  
 Additional Assistive Technology Manufacturers  
 Online Assistive Technology Retailers
 Personal Assistants
 Windows 10 Ease-of-Use Features
 Mobile Apps
 Free NewsPapers and Magazines
 Free Books, Including Talking Books
 Other Links of Interest

We welcome suggestions and corrections to the information provided here.

 Eye Diseases

 State and Federal Organizations

  1. Library Of Congress
  2. Texas Talking Books Program
  3. Library of Congress - National Library Service
  4. Texas WorkForce Commission - Assistive Technology Unit
  5. Texas WorkForce Commission - Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Library Of Congress There are several ways in which the Library of Congress provides services to folks with limited vision.

  1. National Library Service for the blind and physically handicapped - Free braille and talking book library service for people with low vision and blindness
  2. BARD - Access to thousands of specially formatted books and magazines

 Non-Profit Organizations

There are several national and local organizations whose goal is to provide information and services to folks with low vision or blindness:
  1. American Foundation for the Blind
  2. National Federation of the Blind
  3. Lighthouse for the Blind
  4. Computers for the Blind

LightHouse for the Blind

Serve the needs of the blind and visually impaired by empowering blind Americans through rehabilitation, education, training, and employment leading to a fully independent lifestyle.

  1. The Lighthouse
    East Tyler Lighthouse for the Blind
    411 W. Front St.
    Tyler, TX 75702

  2. Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind
    4306 Capitol Ave
    Dallas, Tx, 75204

  3. Lighthouse for the Blind Fort Worth
    912 West Broadway
    Fort Worth, Tx 76104

  4. Fort Worth

Computers for the Blind

Headquartered in Dallas, Tx. Offers refurbished computers at very low cost. Sends out 100-200 computers per month.

Comes with the following software installed:

  1. MAGic (no speech)
  2. LibreOffice
  3. Some Gutenberg Books
  4. NVDA
  5. JAWS (demo version)
  6. Talking Typing Teacher

Through CFTB, you can get 20% discounts on JAWS, ZoomText, Fusion, and MAGic when purchased through Freedom Scientific.

 Low Vision Specialists

  1. Dr. Brian Celico, OD PA 214-265-1111
    Low Vision Clinic Vision Aid
    Determine most suitable low vision device to improve your quality of life Referred to by most retina doctors in Dallas

  2. Dr. Stephanie Helm Fleming, OD 214-828-9900
    Low Vision Clinic, A Program of Dallas Services
    Non-profit vision clinic
  3. Dr. Mirage Shah
    Parkland Health & Hospital System
    4th Floor Outpatient Building
    Opthalmology Dept.
    5201 Harry Hines Blvd
    Dallas, Tx., 75235
  4. Dr. Ned Kumar
    East Dallas Family Eye Care
    8202 Elam Road #100
    Dallas, Tx. 75217
  5. Dr. Don Wilhelmus
    EyeCare Texas
    1201 N. Central Exp.
    Plano, Tx. 75075

Low Vision Specialists - Ft. Worth

  1. Dr. Kory Cummings
    1101 West Rosedale
    Fort Worth, Tx. 76104
  2. Dr. Michael Conte
    Lake Worth Vision Source
    6636 Lake Worth Blvd. Suite 300
    Fort Worth, Tx. 76135
  3. Dr. Jennifer Catuncan
    First Eye Care
    2400 Airport Freeway #140
    Bedford, Tx. 76022

 Retina Centers

 Assistive Technology Overview

 Leading Assistive Technologies

I categorize the products available for low vision users according to the task they perform:
  1. Enlarge Your Computer Screen (Screen Magnifiers)
    - ZoomText
    - MAGic
    - SuperNova Magnifier
    - Dolphin Guide (screen magnifier and screen reader)
    - Windows Magnifier
    - iZoom

  2. Speak the Words on Your Computer Screen (Screen Readers)
    - Jaws Screen Reader - most used, perhaps standard for business environment
    - Dolphin Screen Readers
    - NVDA
    - System Access
    - Windows Narrator

  3. Project a Camera on Your Computer Screen (Camera Magnifiers)

  4. Replace Your Windows Applications With Customized Software
    - EZReader

  5. "Star Trek" Goggles

 Additional Assistive Technologies

- Big Print Keyboards
- Big Key and Big Print Keyboards
- XY tables

 Leading Assistive Technology Manufacturers

In the world of high-end low vision products, a company called VFO pretty much rules the roost, having acquired all of the major low vision product manufacturers. In Texas, Christal Vision (San Antonia, 800-299-0700) is the primary rep for VFO.

  1. Freedom Scientific 888-81-3161
  2. Optelec 800-444-4443
  3. Enhanced Vision 800-444-4443

 Additional Assistive Technology Manufacturers

 Online Assistive Technology Retailers

Smaller assistive technology products, such as hand held magnifiers, talking products and large print item, are widely available. Here are a few places to consider:

  1. Maxi Aids 800-522-6294
  2. Independent Living Aids 800-537-2118
  3. LS&S 800-468-4789

 Personal Assistants

  1. Google Home
  2. Amazon Echo

 Windows 10 Ease-Of-Use Features

- Windows Ease of Access

- Microsoft Accessibility Answer Desk - 800-396-5900
Microsoft offers free technical support for users of Windows accessibility products. Their technicians are knowledgeable about both accessibility and mainstream products, and are even able to log onto your computer, if necessary, to offer assistance in running a particular piece of software (even third-party software) with a screen reader or magnifier. Microsoft's Accessibility Answer Desk, 800-936-5900, is available in North America from 5 am to 9 pm Pacific during the week, and 6 am to 3 pm Pacific on the weekends. English Language only.

 Mobile Apps

 Free NewsPapera and Magazines

 Free Books, including Talking Books

 Other Links of Interest

VisionAware web site

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eClipseReaderEyeNet - Daisy Book Reader Scan and Read Pro Dolphin SuperNova - Magnifier and Screen Reader

Dolphin Computer Access - Suite of software and hardware

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