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The EZReader Puzzle randomly selects an image from the Gallery subfolder "puzzles" and creates smaller image "pieces" from that. The user must place the pieces, located on the "table" at the bottom of the screen, to recreate the image in the upper right area of the screen, called the "board".

The user can set the number of puzzle pieces that are used - from 2x2 to 7x7, depending on the difficulty level the user wants to play. Fewer puzzle pieces are easier to see.

To move a piece, select it with the mouse (or finger). Then, click on a board location to where it should be moved. If the board location is correct, the piece is displayed on the board and removed from the table. If the board location is not correct, the piece is not moved and the user is notified that the selected location is not correct.

There no time limit on playing a game. Play until you solve the puzzle or start a new game at any time.

 Puzzle Main Screen

The toolbar icons perform the following functions:

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