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The EZReader Mines game consists of a 9x6 tile playing area. All but 7 tiles are empty. Those seven contain a "mine".

The object of the game is to turn over all tiles except those containing a mine. If you turn over a tile containing a mine, you lose the game.

When a tile is turned over, it exposes a number (0 through 7), which is the number of adjacent tiles that contain a mine. Those numbers act as clues to help you select other tiles.

Right clicking on an unexposed tile toggles the display of the letter "F". Use that feature to mark tiles which you think might contain a mine.

If you click on a tile that exposes a "0", all tiles adjacent to the tile that also contain a "0" will be exposed. This effect ripples through all newly exposed tiles, even though those tiles may not be adjacent to the originally exposed tile.

There no time limit on playing a game. Play until you turn over all but the 7 tiles that contain mines. You can also start a new game at any time.

 Mines Main Screen

The toolbar icons perform the following functions:

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