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The Screen Magnifier, also referred to as the Zoom application, displays the Windows desktop at up to 10X magnification. The magnification is applied to the desktop area directly under the cursor.

When EZReader is running the Zoom application, the EZReader window size is set to 1100x450, or approximately half the size of the desktop. The toolbar is visible on the top half of the window. The bottom half of the window contains a magnified image of the screen area under the cursor. As the cursor moves around the screen, the magnified image reflects whatever is under the cursort, magnifed to the level set by the user.

Special docking icons make it easy to position the Zoom application window into one of the 4 corners of the desktop, thus avoiding the need to drag the Zoom application window.

The toolbar Plus and Minus icons change the level of magnification. The magnification level is maintained between Zoom application sessions.

When Zoom is started, the cursor is positioned to the center of the desktop.

During a Zoom session, the user can resize and relocate the Zoom window but those settings are not kept between Zoom settings.

 Magnifier Main Screen

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