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EZReader can play MP3 songs. A small song library is installed with EZReader.

Songs are separated into categories - Classical, Country, Pop and Jazz. An additional category "Email" contains MP3 files received as email attachments. The display list of songs can be limited to one category or all songs.

To play a song, just click on the song name and press the Play icon. Play, pause and stop action are supported. Double-clicking on a single title will also play a song.

Also, songs can be selected by clicking on the first column. That will toggle the display of an "X" in the column. Play will loop repeatedly through all selected songs.

As a song plays, a progress bar is displayed just below the toolbar. Click on the progress bar to jump to a specific location in the song.

A PlayList is supported. When a song is added to the PlayList, a copy of the song is placed in the PlayList folder. Songs in the PlayList folder can be deleted.

 JukeBox Main Screen

The toolbar icons perform the following functions:

Row 1 Icons

Row 2 Icons

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