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The EZReader built-in Internet Browser allows you to browse the internet. It provides large, easy-to-use icons for zooming in and out of a page. It also provides 5 icons which can be programmed to display user-specified URLs. The browser also supports binary color display, similar to what the EZReader camera provides.

 Internet Browser Main Screen

To use the browser, type a URL into the textbox and press Enter. The URL will be displayed in the built-in browser.

The Zoom icons (Large and Smaller) make it easy to change the size of the browser content.

The backward/forward navigation icons can be used to visit URLs which have already been displayed in the browser.

The right-most icon, the "Menu" icon, is used to move through all available rows of icons. The menu icon consist of multiple dots, where the number of dots tells you how many row of navigation/action icons are supported by the current screen. The dot with the white center indicates which row is currently displayed.

The Internet Browser main screen has 3 rows of navigation/action icons.

Row 1 Icons

Row 2 Icons

The text under each icon is the first 6 letters of the URL domain name. The EZReader Editor is used to change the URLs

Row 3 Icons

 Binary Color Mode

The wide range of colors found on internet pages can make it difficult for users with low vision issues to read the page content.

To solve that problem, EZReader displays side-by-side images of the URL - one with normal colors and one that is modified to display content with a user-specified color pair - just as is done with the EZReader camera viewer.

As the user scrolls on the normal/left side the right side scrolls in sync but displays the content using just two high contrasting colors, making it easier for low vision users to read the content.

One typical use of this feature is to view natural color images on the left, but view the two-color text on the right side.

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