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The EZReader Image Gallery application provides the ability to view images as thumbnails and individually. Images are organized into folders. Sample folders and images are installed with EZReader. Folders can be created and deleted by the user, with the exception of two protected folders - "email", "imports" and "snapshots", which are reserved for use by EZReader to store email attachments and camera snapshots.

Image can be imported via flash drive, received as attachments from emails or created externally to EZReader and saved to one of the Gallery folders.

By default images are viewed in a 2x2 thumbnail arrangement. A single image may be viewed by clicking on the image in the grid. Once a single image is displayed, click on a single image to zoom in on the image.

The Image Gallery displays images at the largest possible size that will fit in the EZReader window. To adjust image sizes, the user may resize the EZReader window.

During installation, EZReader creates these image folders, each containing sample images.

Sample Folders:
These folders provide some sample images, which the user may delete as they add their own images.

  • Ocean - A few ocean animals
  • Samples - Variety of sample images
  • Birds - A few bird images

Reserved Folders:
There are also 3 reserved folders, created by EZReader when needed. If a user deletes a reserved folder, EZReader will recreate it when needed to save a file.

  • Snapshots - reserved for images created by the camera
  • Email - reserved for images received via email
  • Import - reserved for images imported from a flash drive

Image Editing Functions
The Image Gallery also provides a number of image editing capabilities:

  • Copy - copy image to clipboard
  • GrayScale - convert image to grayscale colors
  • Contrast - raise or lower the image contrast
  • Brightness - raise or lower the image brightness
  • Rotation - rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise
  • Crop - crop an image to an area specified by the user

 Gallery Main Screen

On the main screen, images are shown as a grid of thumbnails. The default grid size is 2x2 but can be increased to as large as 4x3.

From the image grid, you can click on an image to view that image by itself.

The actions available from the main screen icons are:

 Gallery Single Image Screen

Any image can be viewed by itself by clicking on the image thumbnail from the main screen.

Left click the image to zoom in and right click on the image to zoom out. The toolbar button labelled "100%" will resize the image to fill up the Gallery window.

There are 4 rows of icons which provide actions that can be taken on an individual image.

Row 1 Icons:

Row 2 Icons:

Row 3 Icons:

Row 4 Icons:

 Gallery Folders Screen

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