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EZ Typing Tutor


    New Vision Concepts is proud to present EZ Typing Tutor. Designed specifically for users with vision impairments, EZ Typing Tutor provides all the tools needed for users to learn to type or to enhance their existing typing skills.

EZ Typing Tutor offers progressive lesson levels. It can speak test strings. It provides finger placement guides for locating characters on an on-screen keyboard. And, it provides a plot of user performance over time.


 Introductory Video

This short video will demonstrate how easy EZ Typing Tutor is to use.

 Using EZ Typing Tutor

Using EZ Typing Tutor is very simple. Just follow these steps:
  • Press "Start" to show a test string to type. EZ Typing Tutor will speak the test string.
  • Type the test string, followed by ENTER, as many times as you want
  • Press "Stop" to end the test. Your test performance, speed and errors, will be displayed.

That's it! To review any typing errors you might have made, just press Ctl-Shift-E.

The shortcut Ctrl-G can be used to Start a test and the shortcut Ctrl-S can be used to Stop a test.

 Lesson Levels

There are currently four levels of typing difficulty that the user can access.
  1. Letters - pairs of characters
  2. Words - randomly selected words from the dictionary. Maximum word length is specified by the user.
  3. Phrases - Common phrases consisting of 3-4 words.
  4. Long Phrases - Complete sentences, longer than phrases.
Users can remain at a Lesson Level until they are comfortable with moving to the next level of complexity.

 Finger Placement Guide

EZ Typing Teacher can display an on-screen keyboard which will sequentially speak and highlight the locations of test string characters on the keyboard. Just press "Learn" during a test to activate the on-screen keyboard.

The keyboard keys are colored to identify the finger a user should use when pressing a key.

When a Shift is required, such as for a capital A, both the A key and the Shift key are highlighted.

 Performance History

When users complete a test, the test results are added to the user history. The users' performance history can be displayed as shown in this image.

WPM scores of 5 or less are assumed to be an invalid/interrupted test and are not added to the history.


The following settings are available. These enable the user to tweak how EZ Typing Tutor looks or responds to user inputs. The Help icon on the toolbar will display this list, along with the current value of the settings.

There is no toolbar access to these settings because they tend to be set just once, particularly when a user first uses EZ Typing Tutor. Using keyboard shortcuts for these significantly reduces the visual complexity of EZ Typing Tutor.

Test Settings

  • LessonLevel - Change the current Lesson Level - Letters, Words, Phrase and Long Phrases
  • MaxWordLength - In Lesson Level 2, controls how many letters the test string can contain
  • Repeat - Controls whether the test string will change during a test session
  • ExactMatch - determines whether error detection requires that the user type words from the test string, or whether typed words are simply validated against a dictionary

Visual Settings

  • FontSize - size of the letters in the test string and in the text typed by the user
  • FontBold - determines if letters are display in bold
  • FontName - cycles through a group of 4 allowed fonts
  • Wide Spacing - determines if content is displayed with extra spacing between letters. This may be easier to see for some users
  • BigCursor - Toggles the use of a very large cursor
  • TBText - Determines if text will be shown on the toolbar and what size the text will be.
  • IconSize - Toggles the size of the toolbar icons
  • Color Icons - Toggles display of colored icons

Speech Settings

  • SpeakSpeed - Set the speed of speech
  • SpeakWords - Toggles whether text strings will be spoken to the user
  • SpeakToolTips - Determines if a right click on an icon includes speaking the displayed tool tip

On-Screen Keyboard Settings

  • LargeKeyboard Letters - Toggles display of large letters on the on-screen keyboard
  • Long Delay - Toggles large gap between spoken letters during Learning
  • MultiColor - Toggles display of color coded keys


EZ Typing Toolbar allows the user to access primary functions. Access to additional functions and to settings are available using various keyboard shortcuts, as shown below.

Pressing Help in EZ Typing Tutor will also display this list.

  • Testing
    Say Words NowCtl-W
    Clear HistCtl-Shft-A
    Max Word SizeCtl-Shft-B
    Exact MatchCtl-Shft-C
    Remove Last WPMCtl-Shft-D
  • Visual Effects
    Wide SpacingCtl-Shft-K
    Big CursorCtl-Shft-L
    Cursor ColorCtl-Shft-M
    Toolbar TextCtl-Shft-N
    Icon SizeCtl-Shft-O
    FullColor IconsCtl-Shft-P
  • Keyboard
    Dual Font SizesCtl-Shft-Q
    MultiColor OSKCtl-Shft-R
    Long DelayCtl-Shft-S
  • Speech
    Speak WordsCtl-Shft-U
    Speak ToolTipsCtl-Shft-V
  • System Actions
    Online UpdateCtl-Shft-W
    Print ScreenCtl-Shft-X
    Print TextCtl-Shft-Y
    Size WindowCtl-Arrow
    Move WindowCtl-Shft-Arrow


You can see EZ Typing Tutor at the following locations.