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EZFreeEditor is very similar to the text Editor that comes with EZReader, but provides a simpler interface that is easier to use. Features are limited to only those needed to allow users to create, edit, delete, rename and print text files. Files may also be copied to a flash drive or sent via email as attachments.

  EZFreeEditor has a very simple interface that is easy to use and is especially useful to low-vision users who wish to share their files with friends and family. There are just four items that make up the EZFreeEditor screen:
  • Action Toolbar
  • File Title
  • List of Files
  • File Content

It is written with a "write BIG, print small" design, where the user works with EZFreeEditor in large, easy-to-see fonts but where files are optionally printed in smaller fonts for sharing with friends and family.

EZFreeEditor can send an email with a file attached and can copy a file to an attached flash drive. EZFreeEditor cannot receive emails.

Online updates and file backup are also supported.

Table of Contents

The following information will help you get the most out of EZFreeEditor.


Welcome to EZFreeEditor, custom software that enables users with low vision to create text files.

Every screen in EZFreeEditor embodies the same key design elements as those in EZReader, combining to give users unprecedented ease of access to electronic capabilities that were once out of reach.

  • Minimal computer skills
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Touch screen navigation
  • Keyboard and mouse support
  • Unlimited text size
  • Large on-screen images
  • High contrast colors
  • Minimal visual complexity


The EZFreeEditor installation file is simple to use. Once installed, the EZFreeEditor installation folder is place on the desktop, along with two shortcuts:

Uninstalling EZFreeEditor is equally simple. Uninstalling can be done from the Control Panel or by simply deleting the three desktop items (EZFreeEditor folder and it's two shortcuts). EZFreeEditor does not use the Windows registry.


EZFreeEditor requires very minimal computer skills. Actions and navigation (between functions or within a document) are taken by selecting one of the icons found at the top of the current screen.

To minimize complexity, every screen contains just 5 navigation/action icons. Just touch an icon, or click on it with a mouse, to perform the action. Right mouse click on an icon to see a description of what action will be taken.

The navigation icon sizes may be selected by the user. Additionally, a text description of the icon may be displayed, where the text font size can be adjusted by the user.

EZFreeEditor has enough features that three rows of navigation/action icons are required. The extra rows of icons can be reached by pressing the rightmost, "Menu" icon. The Menu icon displays a dot for each available row of icons. The dot corresponding to the current row of icons will have a white center. This multi-row menu approach gives the user full access to an application's capabilities without increasing the visual complexity of the screens. Right-mouse clicking on the Menu button displays the previous row of icons.

EZFreeEditor also supports "gestures", where scrolling of a document or a list is achieved by dragging the screen up or down, just as is done on cell phones. Font size can likewise be changed by pulling thumb and forefinger together, or apart, for zooming in and out on a document. A touch screen monitor is required to use gestures.


EZFreeEditor displays extremely large (about 1.5") easy to see cursors to enable the user to easily locate the position of the mouse. The cursor is significantly larger than is available through Windows.

The user may also select a color for the cursor. Black, white, blue and yellow are allowed. These next images are real-size images of the cursors used in EZFreeEditor.

Large sizing cursors, those displayed at the edge or corners of a window, are also provided by EZFreeEditor.

 System Messages

Typically, EZFreeEditor displays a large toolbar across the top of its window. But when EZFreeEditor wants to display a message to the user, the toolbar is temporarily hidden and the message display in the same location.

EZFreeEditor uses the largest possible font to display the message.

Messages are typically displayed for 2 seconds, but the user can adjust the display time for up to 6 seconds.


EZFreeEditor allows the user to print the contents of a file or to print a copy of the current window.

To save printer toner, the user is allowed to invert the displayed colors to ensure that the background is the lighter of the two display colors. See the Settings section for more information.

 Help Options

EZFreeEditor excels in providing Help options for users. The following Help options are available:

Online Help
This web page can be accessed from within EZFreeEditor by pressing F1.

Techn Support
New Vision Concepts provides free support to users of EZFreeEditor by phone or email. A quick call to New Vision Concepts tech support can often resolve questions in just minutes.

Toolbar Messages
In response to user actions, including shortcuts, EZFreeEditor displays a message in the toolbar indicating the action taken or the new setting value.

Icon Text
Users may optionally display test beneath toolbar icons. Several text sizes are provided.

Click Sounds
When EZFreeEditor detects a user action it issues an optional beep sound. This provides assurance to the user that their input was received.

All available shortcuts are available in a file "shortcuts.txt" which can be opened within EZFreeEditor.

Remote Control
With user permission, tech support can create a Team Viewer session, which allows viewing of the user's computer screen to help identify and resolve issues that a user is facing. The user runs the installed Team Viewer helper application and provides the assigned ID number to the support technician.

All New Vision Concepts products use the same Team Viewer helper application, as shown in this image:

Only users can initiate a Team Viewer session and may close down the session at any time.

 EZFreeEditor Toolbar

The EZFreeEditor toolbar provides 3 rows of navigation/icon icons. In each case, the left-most icon Exits the book reader and the right-most icon toggles through the rows of icons.

The functions of the row 1 icons are as follows.

The functions of the row 2 icons are as follows.

The functions of the row 3 icons are as follows.

Export, email and backup work on the saved versions of files. So be sure to save any changes you have in work before using those features.

The Copy commands acts on the current content of the textbox.

When the Email icon is pressed, a popup dialog appears in which to put the email address of the person to whom you want to send the file. The last entered email address is saved from session-to-session.

There is an installed file called "email.txt", which must be edited to contain the following four lines of user information:

The installed version of this file contains sample information to help the user edit the file with the correct information.

 Online Updates

The EZFreeEditor program can be updated free of charge via the Internet. Use the toolbar Update icon or the shortcut Ctl-Q to have EZFreeEditor check the server to determine if an update is available. If an update is available, the user will be asked to confirm the update command.


In addition to the three rows of toolbars, which allow the user to take actions and change settings, EZFreeEditor provides over two dozen keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts also take actions and change settings but are typically not used frequently enough to warrant being displayed on the toolbar icons all of the time.

These shortcuts, Control-X, are supported:

These shortcuts, Control-Shift-X, are supported:

These shortcuts, Control-ArrowKey or Control Shift-ArrowKey, are also supported. They allow moving and resizing the EZFreeEditor using the keyboard.

Here are some descriptions to help clarify what actions the shortcuts take:

Descriptions ending with "***" indicate that a toolbar message is shown to indicate the selected setting. Shortcuts without the "***" generate a visual change.

Thank you for considering EZFreeEditor!