New Vision Concepts


The EZReader System includes a comuter, a document camera and over 30 custom applications designed to give vision-impaired users significantly improved access to computer capabilities. It focuses on improving the ability of users to read screen text content by providing large font sizes, high contrast colors and minimal screen complexity.


        New Vision Concepts is proud to present EZFreeCursor, an easy-to-see, very large cursor designed specifically for users with vision impairments.

Download (v3.0, 13.1MB)

EZFreeCursor works by creating a large cursor that is placed immediately next to the smaller Windows cursor. As you move the mouse, EZFreeCursor moves the large cursor to match the position of the Windows cursor.

The EZFreeCursor cursor can be displayed in 4 colors (yellow, white, black, blue), 3 shapes (arrrow, circle, box) and can be displayed in up to 5 sizes, up to a maximum of 2". As you can see in the cursor comparison image below, the EZFreeCursor cursor is about 8X the size of the Windows cursor.

EZFreeCursor is installed in the Windows startup folder, alowing it start up automatically every time Windows is restarted. It can also be closed and opened manually.

Table of Contents

Cursor Comparison

Here's a true-size comparison of the largest available Windows cursor and that of EZFreeCursor.

The largest Windows cursor is about 1/4" high whereas the EZFreeCursor cursor can be sized to over 2" high.

Introductory Video

This short video will demonstrate the features of EZFreeCursor.

Using EZFreeCursor

Using EZFreeCursor is very simple. Just follow these steps:
  • Start EZFreeCursor by double clicking on it's desktop shortcut. Ctl-Alt-H will also start EZFreeCursor.
  • Click on the color you want
  • Click on the size icon to toggle the size of EZFreeCursor (5 sizes)
  • Click on the shape icon to toggle the shape of EZFreeCursor (arrow, square or circle)
  • Press cloud icon (2nd from left) to download the latest version of EZFreeCursor (updates are free!)
  • Press power button (leftmost) to close EZFreeCursor

As a bonus, you can toggle between gbCursor window sizes by right-clicking anywhere on EZFreeCursor. This changes only the window size, not the size of the EZFreeCursor cursor.

Thank you for considering EZFreeCursor!