New Vision Concepts



The free EZFreeCamera application displays any camera attached to the user's computer, including the built-in PC webcam and any camera attached to the PC via a USB port. Zoom, freeze, copy and print actions are supported.

In addition to using the Toolbar to take actions, the user can click and drag on the video to perform the following actions:


EZFreeCamera provides the following wide toolbar buttons.

When not in wide toolbar mode, EZFreeCamera provides 3 rows of toolbar icons, showing all available functions, as shown in this image:

The user walks through the rows of icons by pressing the right-most (menu) button on the toolbar. The icon functions are as noted in the text below each icon.

 2-Color Mode

When the screen is frozen, EZFreeCamera can convert the image to black/white or white/black. These color pairs, particularly when used with text, can make it easier for low vision users to see the screen content.

Depending on lighting in the room, the color conversion algorithm can add contrast "noise" to the image. The CPlus and CMinus buttons on the toolbar are used to adjust the amount of contrast that is displayed. CPlus adds more foreground color to the image. CMinus adds more background color to the image.

The CReset button is used to reset the contrast settings.

 Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are supported by the main EZFreeCamera screen:

When the Binary, 2-color view is shown, these keyboard shortcuts are also available.

Thank you for considering EZFreeCamera!