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The EyeChart application provides a means of monitoring a user's eye performance over time. Each eye is monitored separately.

While the EyeChart application does not replace a doctor's care, it can give the user an indication if eye performance is changing and that a visit to the doctor is warranted.

On a regular basis, even daily, the user would use EyeChart to record the performance of each eye. The collected data is charted by EyeChart, making it very easy to determine any negative performance trends with either eye.

Eye performance is measured by the use of an eye chart similar to the standard Snellen eye charts used in medical offices. A user sits in front of the eye chart and selects the smallest line they can read. That is done for each eye. The data is automatically recorded and is used to draw the performances graphs.

The distance the user sits from the charts is not critical, but the user should sit the same distance from the charts every time they test their eyes.

Performance data can be edited to correct any error a user might make in identifying the smallest line they can read,

 EyeChart Main Screen

When in the eye test mode, this screen is presented:

 EyeChart Results Screen

This screen dislays a history of test results for each eye.

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