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The TeamViewer third-party application allows EZReader tech support to remotely control the user's PC. It must be started by the user and can be stopped by the user at any time.

EZReader can use TeamViewer to better understand what the user is seeing on their PC. It also allows tech support to new version of system files as required.

A TeamViewer secure connection can take several seconds to set up. For users who are impatient, EZReader offers a small utility that displays a splash screen that comes up immediately to assure the user that a TeamViewer connection is in progress.

A TeamViewer connection typically requires that the user confirm their approval of TeamViewer making the secure connections. A Yes/No dialog is displayed to allow the user to accept the connection.

EZReader also offers a work-around for starting TeamViewer without the need for a user confirmation. Windows Task Scheduler is used as part of the work-aound. The EZReader installation technician will install that work-around if the user requests it.

 Application Main Screen

The TeamViewer desktop icon looks like this:

Once a secure connection is made, the TeamViewer window is displayed and looks like this:

The optional splash screen for opening TeavViewer looks like this:

The splash screen will display for few second, then disappear. The TeamViewer window should appear within a few seconds after the splash screen disappears.

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