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For several of the external applications, it is convenient to the user if the application starts up whenever Windows restarts.

To do that, a shortcut to the external application must be placed in the startup folder. The Open Startup Folder external application will open the startup folder in a window of its own, ready to receive a shortcut for one of the external applications.

To put a shortcut for one of these into the startup folder, just right-mouse drag one of the external application into the startup folder, release the mouse and select "Create Shortcuts Here".

All of the external applications are found in the EZReader installation folder, in the "apps" subfolder.

 Open Startup Folder Main Screen

There is no screen for the Open Startup Folder application. The application is found in the EZReader "app" subfolder. When double-clicked, the application will display the Windows Startup folder in a window of its own.

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