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Users have always been able to create shortcuts to web pages, often putting those on the desktop. To open a web page, a user double-clicks on the shortcut.

Users with low vision issues may find that double-clicking an icon is not an easy task.

The LinkLaunch utility overcomes that issue by providing a mean of single-clicking on a button to open a specified web page.

More specifically, LinkLaunch allows the user to specify 5 web pages and to open any of them by single-clicking on a LinkLaunch button. The user can assign a single letter to each button, as a reminder of which link the button will open. The default letters and corresponding links are:

Right-clicking on LinkLaunch will close it down.

These are the default letters and web pages used by LinkLaunch.

Use of the LinkLaunch utility is optional. The EZReader technician will ask if you want a shortcut placed in the Windows Startup folder so that the utility runs each time you start windows.

 LinkLaunch Main Screen

The LinkLaunch main screen is a standard Windows application, with a caption bar which can be used to relocate LinkLaunch.

Single-click on a letter to open the corresponding web page. Right-click anywhere to close LinkLaunch.

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