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Kindle books which the user has purchased and downloaded to their PC can be imported into the EZReader Book Reader library. The process involves the use of a 3rd party utility called the "Kindle Converter", a license for which is included in the purchase price of EZReader.

Once books have been purchased from Amazon and downloaded using the v1.24 Kindle app, books can then be imported into EZReader using the Kindle Converter. Just open up the converter and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Kindle icon (upper left)
  2. Select "Filter"
  3. Set format to Text
  4. Set output folder to "books\library\"
  5. Press convert

Installation of the Kindle Converter and Kindle book reader will be done by the New Vision Concepts technician who installs EZReader and the user will be given a tutorial on its use.

The Kindle Converter v1.24 and the Kindle book downloader/reader are installed as part of the EZReader installation.

The installed Kindle for PC app MUST be used for downloading Kindle books. The converter will not work with more recent versions of the Kindle for PC app.

Finally, imported books generally do not include chapter markers. If chapter markers are desired, they must be manually inserted into the imported text file. EZReader recognizes the characters ">>" as chapter markers, when placed at the start of a line. For example, if a line in the book text file says "Chapter 1", then the line must be edited to read ">>Chapter 1".

Chapter mark insertion is typically best done with the assistance of someone who does not have low-vision issues. But, the process is quite simple. Open the book in a text editor, scroll for lines that represent chapters and insert ">>" at the start of those lines.

Thank you for considering EZReader!