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With any application external to EZReader, users have difficulty closing down the external app because the normal methods for exiting a Windows application are hard to see, hard to remember or hard to press.

Most applications can be closed with one of these three methods:

After using the Chrome browser, users must use one of these three methods to shut down the browser.

EZReader already provides the Close Center App utility which is opened by EZReader when the user chooses to open a link in an external browser. With the Chrome Starter utility, a user can create an icon on the desktop that will open both the Chrome browser and the Close Center App utility. This gives the user acces to the Close Center App utility outside EZReader.

The Close Center App utility places a large button in the upper right corner of the screen, containing a big red X that is very easy to see and press.

When the button is pressed, the topmost window found in the center of the screen is closed.

Typically, EZReader users maximize all open applications, such as a browser, so the maximized app will be in the center of the screen and will be closed when the Close Center App button is pressed.

When pressed, the Close Center App will also close itself.

Use of the ChromeStarter utility is optional. The EZReader technician will ask if you want a shortcut placed on your desktop. Double-clicking the shortcut will open Chrome and the Close Center App.

 Chrome Starter Main Screen

Chrome Starter has no window of its own. The Chrome app is displayed in its own window and then Close Center App is positioned in the upper right corner of the screen and looks like this:

Pressing the red X closes whichever application covers the center of the screen and then Close Center App also closes.

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