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EZReader provides two different applications for viewing attached cameras - "Document Camera" and EZCamera. The "Document Camera" application is accessed from within EZReader and and is the primary camera application. It is discussed on its own page. The EZCamera application, discussed on this page, runs as a separate application and is an easier-to-user version of the "Document Camera" application.

Like the "Document Camaera" application, EZCamera displays any camera attached to the user's computer and allows the user to zoom in and out of the display. That includes the 4K resolution camera that comes with EZReader, the built-in PC webcam and any other camera attached to the PC via a USB port.

Users may prefer EZCamera because of it's simplified interface. There is no toolbar and the video image always displays as a full screen display. All available options can be accessed via the keyboard or mouse.

A copy of the curent video image can be placed on the clipboard, saved as a file or printed.

Left-click on the video to zoom in. Right-click on the video to zoom out. The mouse wheel may also be used to zoom in and out.

A variety of keyboard shortcuts are also available (discussed below).

 EZCamera Main Screen

The main screen of EZCamera contains only the display of the current camera video output. Use of the entire screen, with no other visual content, is one of the major reasons that EZCamera is so useful to low vision users.

 Command Menu

Instead of a toolbar, such as is used in all other EZReader apps, EZCamera provides a right-click context menu as shown in the next image. Hiding the toolbar is part of providing the simplest possible interface for EZCamera.

The Command menu allows the following actions:

 Settings Menu

A second popup dialog is available which displays a variety of information about EZCamera settings - the current camera and its resolution, the current zoom algorithm, a list of all available cameras and a list of keyboard shortcuts.


EZCamera also provides the following keyboard shortcuts to perform various actions and setting changes:

As a convenience to users, EZCamera allows user to take an action by clicking on any of the 4 corners:


By default, EZCamera uses a 1920x1080 resolution, which typically fills the entire computer screen.

However, on occasions a user might wish to expose some of the computer desktop. For that case, EZCamera can also be displayed in an 800x600 window, which exposes about half of the desktop.

Thank you for considering EZCamera and EZReader!