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The Camera application displays any camera attached to the user's computer and allows the user to zoom in and out of the display. That includes the 4K resolution camera that comes with EZReader, the built-in webcam and any camera attached to the PC via a USB port.

Snapshots of the current video image can be taken and saved. The history of snapshots is available for viewing in the Camera app and also in the Gallery application.

The current video image can also be printed.

Left-click on the video to Zoom In.

Right-click on the video to reset Zoom to 100%

 Camera Main Screen

In this image, the Camera application is displaying the video from the webcam at the top of the monitor.

There are 2 rows of icons in the Camera application:

Row 1 Icons

Row 2 Icons

 Snapshot Screen

The allowed conversion types are:

 Binary Color Mode

Low vision users find that content consisting of only 2 high contrasting colors is much easier to read. But when the document camera is used, the video normally displays the full colors of the materials under the camera, making printed text hard to read.

EZReader has the option to display camera output in a two-color, or binary, mode - where the user decides which of the supported 4 pairs of colors to use for displaying the camera output.

The user can even modify one of the color pairs to meet the needs of their particular vision issues.

Thank you for considering EZReader!