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The Calendar app displays monthly calendars and appointments.

On the monthly calendar, the current date is highlighted with a thick border.

To enter appointments, click on a date to open the appointment editor. There is no required format for content placed in the appointment editor. Once the appointment information is entered, you must press Save before leaving the appointement editor.

Once a day has appointments, that calendar date is highlighted within a thin border.

A list of all days which have appointments can be displayed.

From the list of days that have appointments, double-click on a date to open the appointment editor. Alternately, click on a date and press the Edit Appointment icon.

On startup, the main screen of EZReader can optionally present a notification that there are appointments on the current day. The alert is not available when a navigation graphic is displayed on the main screen.

 Monthly Calendar

When viewing a monthly calendar, this screen is displayed:

Sunday is on the left and Saturday is on the right.

Today's date is shown with a thick box around it.

Single click on a date to edit the appointments for that date.

Dates that have appointments are enclosed with a thin box.

 Appointment Editor

This window is displayed when viewing/editing appointments for a specific day.

The appointment area is a free-form text editor. No special formatting of content is required.

Before leaving the user MUST press the Save button to save changes.

 List of Days With Appointments

This window displays a list of days containing appointments. It also displays the first appointment of that day.

  • Exit - exit the application
  • Calendar - return to the main Calendar screen
  • Edit - open the selected date for editing
  • Delete - delete selected days
  • Print - print the displayed list of appointments (only 1 line per appointment)

Click on the left column of a date to place an X in the column. Dates with an X will be deleted when the Delete button is pressed. If no date has an X, the currently selected date will be deleted.

Click on the column header to toggle the sort direction.

To open up the date for editing its appointments, select the date and press the Edit button. Or, double-click on a date.

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