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EZReader - Word Find Help


EZReader System:

EZReader consists of over 30 custom applications designed to give vision-impaired users improved access to computer capabilities. This is the Help page for the EZReader Word Find application.

EZReader Word Find Help

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The EZReader Word Find game consists of a 5x5 tile playing area. Each tile is randomly filled with a letter.

The object of the game is to create as many words as possible using adjacent letters. Words must contain at least 2 letters and no word may be used twice.

To play, click on a sequential string of letters to form a word, then submit the word. Submitted words are compared to the Words dictionary. Valid words score 1 point.

Letters are highlighted as they are clicked. Submitting a word or pressing the reset icon will un-highlight all letters.

Your largest score from prior games is always displayed on the screen.

There is no time limit on finding words. Play with it until you cannot find any further words.

 Screen Shot


The Word Find application contains only a single row of navigation/action icons, shown here:

Icon actions are as follows:

Icon 1: Exit the game

Icon 2: New Game

Icon 3: Un-highlight selected letters

Icon 4: Submit selected letters