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EZReader - Weather Help


EZReader System:

EZReader consists of over 30 custom applications designed to give vision-impaired users improved access to computer capabilities. This is the Help page for the EZReader Weather application.

EZReader Weather Help

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The Weather application provide current weather, plus 3-day and 5-day weather forecasts. Reports are available for the user and two secondary locations.

Pressing the icons labeled 1-3-5 return current weather or 3/5 day forecasts.

Pressing the Home and 1/2 icons returns local or secondary city weather - current or forecast as has been recently requested.

The user and secondary locations are set by using the EZReader File Editor to edit the "cities" System file. See the File Editor Help for more information.

 Screen Shot


The Weather application uses a single row of navigation/action icons:

Icon actions are as follows:

Icon 1: Exit

Icon 2: Return current weather in the chosen city

Icon 3: Return a 3-day forecast for the chosen city

Icon 4: Returns a 5-day forecast for the chosen city

Icon 5: Select the user location as the chosen city

Icon 6: Select the 1st city found in the "cities" system file

Icon 6: Select the 2nd city found in the "cities" system file