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EZReader - Timer Help


EZReader System:

EZReader consists of over 30 custom applications designed to give vision-impaired users improved access to computer capabilities. This is the Help page for the EZReader Timer application.

EZReader Timer Help

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The countdown Timer sets off a sound following a user-specified interval of 1, 5, 10, and 30 minutes.

The sound continues until shut off by the user.

The Timer application must be on for the Timer to work correctly. If the Timer application is closed, the timer is disabled.

The Timer information is displayed at the largest possible font size. The Timer font size cannot be set by the user.

 Screen Shot


The Timer application uses a single row of navigation/action icons:

Icon actions are as follows:

Icon 1: Exit

Icon 2: Enable/pause the timer

Icon 3: Disable the timer

Icon 4: Set the timer to 1 minute

Icon 5: Set the timer to 5 minutes

Icon 6: Set the timer to 10 minutes

Icon 7: Set the timer to 30 minutes