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EZReader - Settings Help


EZReader System:

EZReader consists of over 30 custom applications designed to give vision-impaired users improved access to computer capabilities. This is the Help page for the EZReader Settings application.

EZReader Settings Help

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The Settings application displays a list of all available EZReader on/off settings. To toggle a setting, click on the first column in the list next to the setting of interest. That will toggle the display of an "X" in the column, where "X" means the setting is ON.

Before leaving Settings, changes MUST be saved by clicking on the Save icon. If Save is not pressed, changes will be lost.

Changes are not saved automatically to ensure that users do not accidentally change settings.

Approximately 30 Settings are available.

 Screen Shot


The Settings application uses a single row of navigation/action icons:

Icon actions are as follows:

Icon 1: Exit

Icon 2: Save changes

Icon 3: Increase font size

Icon 4: Decrease font size

Icon 5: Toggle font family

Icon 6: Toggle foreground and background colors

Icon 7: Darken the screen (cycle through 6 levels of brightness)