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EZReader - Calculator Help


EZReader System:

EZReader consists of over 30 custom applications designed to give vision-impaired users improved access to computer capabilities. This is the Help page for the EZReader Calculator application.

EZReader Calculator Help

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The Calculator provides basic multiply, add, subtract and divide operations. Both the equation and answer are displayed.

If the displayed information is too large, the Calculator automatically adjusts the font size so that the entire equation can be displayed.

The number of decimals displayed in the answer can be set from 0 to 4.

The result of a calculation can be placed on the Windows clipboard.

The Calculator information is displayed at the largest possible font size. The Calculator font size cannot be set by the user.

 Screen Shot


The Calculator application uses a single row of navigation/action icons:

Icon actions are as follows:

Icon 1: Exit

Icon 2: Clear the equation

Icon 3: Clear the last element of the equation. This can be repeated until all elements of the equation are removed.

Icon 4: Cycle the number of decimals displayed in the answer. 0 to 4 decimals may be used.

Icon 5: Copy the answer to the clipboard